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Property Management

At Martin Real Estate we understand that over 25,000 property management companies do business in the United States, ranging from single-person operations to national companies employing thousands of people. Even when property owners narrow down their options by geographical area or property type, numerous choices exist for those who need to hire a property manager. After buying a property, owners often ask their commercial real estate practitioners to refer them to a property management company. Choosing the right company to manage properties or refer to clients depends on a number of variables. A property manager that doesn’t work out or does a poor job for a client could reflect negatively on the referring broker. We hope this article gives you insight into what we practice, the importance of great property management and what it all means to Martin Caselli. We are always at your service. We work hard to achieve three basic goals: increasing a property’s net operating income through rent increases and/or operating expense reductions, increasing property value through proper maintenance and suggestions for improvements, and protecting the value with insurance, inspections, and maintenance.

Some of our property management services include:

Financial Services: We collect rents and other income from tenants and post collections daily. We maintain the status of each tenant and run tenant delinquency reports and monthly status reports.
We also pay vendors, utilities, and mortgages and provide a monthly check registration. We provide a variety of financial reports, including an annual budget and monthly statements such as profit and loss, rent roll, and check register. We manage and handle security deposits, they are put in an interest-bearing account and the interest goes to the owner.

Maintenance: We evaluate vendors, equipment, supplies, and services to keep the property operating in a safe manner and the tenants satisfied. We also handle the hiring, firing, supervision, and payment of the employees assigned to the property. We oversee routine maintenance.

Tenant Relations: We have a 24-hour answering service to handle tenant needs, questions, concerns, and emergencies. We keep your tenants satisfied.

Rental Analysis: Relying on our expertise in the field, we provide timely updates and recommendations for rental increases and lease negotiations and renewals. We keep you informed about trends in the neighborhood and regional markets, such as supply and demand ratios.

Management Specialties: Real estate management is both complex and specialized. Rest assured Martin Caselli specializes in the following fields.

Retail: Including strip, neighborhood, community, and regional shopping centers.
We have specialized accounting skills, software programs to handle CAM charges, billings and leasing services.
“Strong market presence for the particular size of a center, competent staff, type of reporting system in place, and familiarity with top management,” are attributes Martin Caselli brings to the table.

Office: Managing large, Class A office buildings require special engineering, administration, and leasing abilities. Something Martin Caselli is very familiar with, we are familiar with a wide range of issues.
For example, does your building meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for restrooms, elevators, and entrances? Are the lease abstracts laid out so that cost stops can be calculated and extra hours of air conditioning billed? Is the building measured so that the difference between rentable and usable area is calculated? Is the building wired for telecommunications and broadband services?

Multifamily: Multifamily property management is the largest property management segment. Large apartment complexes require onsite managers, maintenance personnel, and payroll services, but smaller buildings also require specific services and attention.

Other Properties: Properties such as industrial buildings, manufactured-housing communities, self-storage facilities, motels, or tax-credit properties — where tenants have to make 60 percent less than area median income — require specialized knowledge particular to their market, state, and local jurisdiction.

When you’re ready: We will provide you and the referring broker with free written proposals containing a sample management agreement that describes the services to be provided, spending limits, reports, and fees.