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Our founding principle is one of fairness and respect of our clients and their former residents. When the problem of bad debt is approached in a positive, solution-oriented manner, the debt is far more likely to be settled rapidly and in good faith. This is our “Win-Win-Win” philosophy: our clients recover the funds owed to them, the former residents meet their obligations, and Watchdog Properties oversees the successful resolution.

Our approach is based on respect. We respect our client’s time and bottom line, we respect the rights of the former resident, we respect the laws that govern debt collection, and we also respect the relationship that ties all three parties together. Our collection staff is extensively trained and experts in the nuances of lease, lease collection, and landlord tenant law, including problems that arise with improper notice, move-in/move-out inspections, dispossession warrants, liquidated damages, accelerated rent, and all other problems that may arise at move-out. At the same time, Watchdog Properties understands how important the reputation of the community is and works hard to preserve it. Our proprietary negotiation techniques have been proven time and time again to get the result you’re looking for: collecting your rents while preserving your reputation.

Watchdog Properties is a full-service collection agency specializing in apartment-related debt. We employ a multitude of contact methods, research personnel, and specialists in order to recover revenue from the former resident. We work solely on a contingency basis, charging no up-front fees of any kind. That means that you don’t pay unless we collect. Many of the extensive services that are included with our standard rates would incur an additional fee at other collection agencies – this is just a small part of the WDP difference. You will find no better value or results than with Watchdog Properties

Watchdog Properties also offers another unique service to our clients; collecting on “second placement” accounts; those files which have already been worked on by another agency but have yet to be collected. Typically, these aged accounts are no longer actually being pursued, other than a credit bureau listing. We have proven again and again that when these accounts are reworked, using a different approach, the results are well worth the extra effort.